On 7th September, you will open your solo exhibition of paintings at the gallery Lucida in Belgrade What works will be presented ?

At the exhibition entitled Lucid dreaming In this exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to see my large format paintings, and this is the main link in the exhibition. One of my best paintings, This I will be travelling abroad after the exhibition, and this will probably be the last opportunity for our audience to see it live. I would like to thank curator Mira Vujović for the invitation to the exhibition. Welcome.

Your works present human figures with an emphasis on the (im)perfections of their bodies. I would say that through the anatomy you also express the interior of a person ? Where does the inspiration for such a subject come from ?

I find it interesting to see the body of a human being as a physical manifestation of their inner self, their soul. Sometimes I think that everything that is visible is simultaneously written somewhere inside in a slightly different form. Inspiration comes in those moments when it seems to me that these two worlds have merged, and I have managed to penetrate some kind of inner logic or hidden truth. The problem is only in the irrationality of such a touch. This kind of blessing is difficult to convey in words because it oscillates on an emotional level and is given to people with a developed heart intelligence.

For me, human (im)perfection is an inexhaustible source of ideas. I draw inspiration from myself and my immediate environment, and the subject of each of my paintings is fundamentally experienced personally, deeply. Specifically with regard to anatomy, I try to ensure that every deformation or movement of the figure contributes to the overall harmony of the composition. Beauty and harmony are important principles for me and I am always guided by them.

Your silhouettes are dramatic, dark, sensual and highly sexual. What do you want to convey through them ? What's bothering you ?

These words can describe the world we live in, and the artist is like a cosmic mirror reflecting what is around him. Society seems to be collectively stuck in its first chakra, where the gods fight, but we don't know who is Eros and who is Thanatos.

However, my starting point is a personal drama, a deconstruction of my own anxious emotions formed in the unconscious. The painting I do is cathartic and part of my own individuation process. For the viewer to connect and feel the emotional message, the artist must be honest, uncompromising and ready to judge the audience.

How would you describe your artistic direction ?

I like different artistic eras, so my paintings sometimes look like a conglomeration of different approaches and art. I create a materialization through a different treatment of individual parts or objects in the picture, and I especially like bizarre details, painted on the edge of madness.

What painting techniques do you use most often ?

I mainly use oil and acrylic on canvas and wooden surfaces.

You have opened a large number of solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions. In addition to Serbia and Montenegro, you have presented your work in Germany, Italy, Japan... Is there an exhibition that is particularly close to your heart and why ?

I am satisfied primarily when the frame works well in the space and the images have room to "breathe". When their selection is meaningful, and their arrangement tells something completely new, unexpected. For this reason, I collaborate on the implementation with trustworthy people, whose judgement I respect, in order to achieve satisfactory results together. I would like to mention the exhibition To the light in 2016, which was part of my PhD project. It seems to me that the FLU gallery space suited it perfectly, and it was the crowning achievement, the end of an extremely difficult, painstaking, but also successful work.

What is your day like in the studio ? Do you have a routine that you practice regularly ?

My 'day in the studio' starts as soon as I wake up, otherwise it doesn't start at all. I am away from all distractions, calls and messages. I am sensitive to interruptions and can be extremely unpleasant. Nothing else interests me then. A cup of coffee is a must, not too big. Lately I've been listening to Bach, and for work I like the piano the most.

You graduated in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in the class of professor Slobodan Roksandić. What did you learn during your studies that has remained engraved in your consciousness ?

This is a great question, because Professor Roksandić left me with a great piece of wisdom, a piece of advice, that painting should be "loose and tight". Even then, at university, I tried to be relaxed and tense when painting, and I continued to apply this principle in everyday situations and in relationships with people.

What does a contemporary painter need to have and do to succeed ?

To succeed, a contemporary painter must have a lot of willpower and patience. To begin with, every success, even the smallest, must make us happy. I consider myself successful as soon as I am satisfied with my actions. Then I have the motivation to show them without fear of disappointing them. Obstacles and difficult moments should be understood as temporary and as an important part of the process of personal empowerment. Participation in the art scene also requires a gentle and balanced dose of vanity, only to develop a healthy competitive spirit.

In all the creativity you have produced so far, is there a certain image you are most proud of ? What makes you feel special ?

There are several photos that I am extremely proud of, some of which have won awards. I wouldn't distinguish it, but from time to time a certain image appears that offers the possibility of variations on the theme. I love these pictures, and somehow the first one is still my favourite.

Apart from painting, do you practice any other disciplines or hobbies ? What do you do in your free time ?

I rest my eyes in nature and in my garden, where I look at plants, insects and birds.

In addition to the upcoming exhibition at the gallery Lucida ,what else do you have planned ? 

My third and final solo exhibition this year will be presented at Lucida . I am about to cooperate with two foreign galleries, so it seems to me that I will not exhibit independently in our country for a long time. However, in the announcement, there is an interesting project initiated by a collector from Belgrade. This will be a bit of a challenge for me, and let the details remain undisclosed for now.

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Dusan Veselinović

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