Pascal Verbena is a dreamer. Sedentary, reflecting on his past nomadism and odysseys, he is situated on the border between sea and land, a moving border. The sea shore is a place of metamorphosis and perpetual exchange, as described by Paul Valéry (Eupalinos, or the Architect, 1923): "This frontier of Neptune and the Earth, always disputed by rival deities, is the place of the most incessant trade. What the sea rejects, what the earth cannot retain".
Pascal Verbena searches the beach for driftwood, fragments of boats, animal bones, shells, pumice stones, eroded "sea pebbles"... He chooses them. He sorts them, collects them; he gathers them; he preserves them, stores them.
He keeps these treasures; he knows that he will use them in a future work.

Museums and Collections :
- l'Art Brut museum of Lausanne - The Holocaust (200×400 cm) - Switzerland.
– La Fabuloserie museum / Alain Bourbonnais Collection – Dicy (France).
– Cantini museum – Marseille.

Pascal Verbena
Untitled - 57 x 41 x 10 cm - 1984 - driftwood and various materials
dated and signed on the back of the work.

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