Francisco PEREIRA


Born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1959, Francisco Pereira was graduated in architecture from the Venezuelan Central University before starting his artistic practice in 1983.

Surrealist bronze sculptures.
A contemporary sculptor and architect, he creates fantastical bronze sculptures that focus on themes of psychological evolution, including a series of imaginary creatures he calls Bípedos. Francisco makes strange creatures and vessels in bronze, extracting and mixing familiar elements to create something entirely new.

In his world, animals that usually walk on all fours are bipeds, and their new, long legs give them an alien appearance. The Venezuelan sculptor works on a wide range of scales.

« All art work is the result of a creative process; nothing happens randomly and no work of art is a gift from the muses » , said Pereira. « The path to a mature idea is long, inspired and sustained by a depth of reading, sketching, work, life and soul experiences, all of which nourish the "unconscious hatchings. »