Born in 1962 in the Dominican Republic, Luz Severino currently lives in Martinique. She has already had a busy artistic career. From her training at the fine arts school in Santo Domingo and at the printmaking school in New York, an extraordinary career was in the offing. Numerous participations in national and international exhibitions have made her known throughout the world. Numerous prizes and awards mark out his career.

Luz Severino presents "Dentro del Bosque".

Individual third exhibition that the artist has presented at the Fondation Clément. In 2011 she made 'Behind the Veil' and in 2007 'Innocent Faces'. This time, with her 2019 work 'Dentro del Bosque', the artist is organising her work in a wonderful break with her previous works.

Feel free to discover the catalogue of the exhibition "Dentro del bosque" by Luz Severino