Jean-Baptiste AUDAT

The work of Jean Baptiste AUDAT is marked by current events: politics, the economy, ecology, wars and tragedies. These are all sources of inspiration for a polymorphous work that combines drawing, installation and performance. Deeply influenced by the African continent, he draws from it a creative approach based on recovery and resourcefulness.
This project, carried out in partnership with art-cade, Galerie des grands bains douches de la Plaine and the University of Aix-Marseille, is conceived as an exhibition that evolves over time in the presence of the artist.
A real work in progress, the artist has taken over the Espace Culturel Fernand Pouillon for more than a month, making this place both his studio and an exhibition space where visitors are invited to take part in the process of creating the work. In situ installations, drawings and works of paper rub shoulders and are transformed in a space in perpetual movement.
His works speak of the war in Syria, the burned textile factories in Bangladesh, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict... The artist captures these dramas, digests them and transmits them to us, bringing to light the voice of the nameless.
Jean Baptiste AUDAT develops here a committed reflection on the march of the world, offering new paradigms to look at our future.

Anne Marie AUDAT
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