Nicolas CLÉZIO


Self-taught artist born in 1977, the year of the punk movement.
Nicolas Clézio is a perfectionist who has long worked on his technique in the studio before exhibiting his oils on canvas.

In his portraits against a background of tags, collages and materials, he highlights the practice of vandal and forbidden graffiti art, which flourishes on the walls of cities. His paintings are full of mystery. He paints small pieces of cities invisible to our eyes: cracks, wear, superimpositions of colours, juxtaposition of materials and signatures that he tries to render meticulously through a meticulous work full of realism.

« I try to show through my paintings that what is considered by many as visual pollution, few of them represent a real aesthetic interest »

Hyper realism technique, 100% oil on canvas.
The artist produces about ten works a year.